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From the field

18 Sept. 2007: Precedent – Independent committee to examine the July 2002 targeted killing of Salah Shahadeh

In a hearing before the High Court of Justice on a petition submitted in 2003 by Yoav Hess and the organization Yesh Gvul, the state consented to establish an independent committee to investigate the case. The consent comes in the wake of the High Court's ruling on a separate petition opposing the IDF's targeted-killing policy, which stated that in cases in which civilians are killed, an objective, after-the-fact investigation of the action should be made.

In July 2007, following the above High Court ruling, B'Tselem wrote to the attorney general and demanded the establishment of an independent investigative apparatus to examine every targeted killing that results in the death or injury of Palestinians not involved in the hostilities.

In another petition, filed by B'Tselem and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel in 2003 and still pending, the petitioners requested that the court require the Judge Advocate General's Office to order a Military Police investigation into every case in which IDF soldiers kill a Palestinian civilian who is not involved in the hostilities.