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Newsletter 09 Sep. 2015

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Dear Friends,

Today it was announced that B’Tselem has been nominated for this year’s Human Rights Tulip, the annual award given by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for promoting and supporting human rights in innovative ways. Our chances of winning depend on you and your vote. The Tulip is more than just a great honor. It comes with €100,000 to further human rights work. If B’Tselem receives the award, we will use the money to expand the struggle against the occupation and its attendant human rights violations.

The winner is selected from a shortlist of six candidates, including three public favorites chosen through an online vote. Your vote can determine if we are shortlisted. Voting opens today and continues only until September 16th. To vote go to:

It is always heartwarming to get tangible evidence of esteem and respect for our work in exposing the injustices of the occupation and battling its attendant human rights violations. Yet supporters of the occupation have a less than favorable view of B’Tselem’s work. It is not due to blind chance that the individuals responsible for the ever deepening entrenchment of the occupation and its injustices are working against us – top ministers and members of Israel’s legislature are busy promoting various schemes to hamper our work. The best way to counter attempts to silence us is to carry on with our human rights work. And to do that we need your help more than ever before.

Thank you for giving us your vote of confidence,

Hagai El-Ad
Executive Director

Another great way to help is to forward this e-mail to others so that they can vote for B’Tselem too.

With the Jewish new year just around the corner, I’d like to take this opportunity to convey our warmest wishes for good tidings in the year to come. Just as we are glad and proud to be able to ask for your help with the Human Rights Tulip, I am equally proud to express our gratitude for the meaningful support you’ve given B’Tselem over the past year, support I’m certain will continue in the year and years to come. A heartfelt thanks from all of us here at B’Tselem and best wishes for a truly Happy New Year!