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Newsletter 9 July 2015

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NEWSLETTER 9 July 2015
B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
New report: Presumed Guilty
A year to Operation Protective Edge: For hundreds of thousands living in Gaza, it’s not over
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Dear Friends,

The bombings of the Gaza Strip began a year ago today. For hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, last summer’s nightmare has become an ongoing reality. There are now some 100,000 displaced persons in Gaza living with relatives or in rented homes, in tents, or in the ruins of their old homes. Nearly 20,000 houses were partly or completely destroyed last summer, and hundreds of thousands of people in Gaza still live in 150,000 damaged residences. After the fighting ended, B'Tselem continued to publicize the stories of Gazans who are still dealing with its consequences.

New report: Presumed Guilty