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Newsletter 01 Jul. 2012

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NEWSLETTER 01 Jul. 2012
B'Tselem - The Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories
Civil Administration threatens to demolish a substantial part of Susiya village
Civil Administration threatens to demolish a substantial part of Susiya village

Dear friends, 

Nasser a-Nawaj’ahI live in Susiya, a small Palestinian community in the South Hebron Hills of the West Bank and have worked at B’Tselem for five years, as coordinator of the camera distribution project in my area. In my work, I have frequently documented the Israeli military's destruction of homes, livestock pens and water cisterns and heard the cries of children, women and old people during these demolitions.Now the specter of demolition hangs over my own family, my own children, and I feel a terrible sadness. My family has been expelled three times from its home, once before my birth and twice during my childhood. 
Since 2001, after the Israeli High Court allowed us to return to the village and our homes remained standing, we dared to hope that perhaps this was the end of it. These latest demolition orders have driven my father to profound grief and despair. My son Ahmad, who is five, and his brother Lith, who is three, have never experienced demolition. I hope very much that we can prevent them from experiencing it now. To read my Op-ed on +972 blog click hereFor background information, click here.

Nasser a-Nawaj’ah, B'Tselem Field Researcher
Suspicion of abuse: Soldiers detained a 13-year-old boy and abandoned him at night, handcuffed

Muhammad a-Zir. Photo: Suha Zeid, B'TselemTestimony taken by B’Tselem indicates that during April 2012, soldiers arrested Muhammad a-Zir, age 13. According to the testimonies, the soldiers beat the boy during his first detention, during which he was interrogated without his parents present in contravention of the law regarding detention of youths. Following both subsequent detentions, the soldiers left him at night with his hands cuffed, somewhere unknown to him, and far away from his home. B’Tselem contacted the Military Police Investigations Unit (MPIU) demanding that it open an investigation into these incidents.


Ulpana evacuation: Bibi's shell game in the West BankHouses in Dura al-Qara with Beit El in the background. Photo: Silan Dallal, B'Tselem, 29 June 2010In a piece in Foreign Policy, B'Tselem's Executive Director puts the evacuation of the 5 buildings in the Ulpana neighborhood of Beit El settlement in their broader context. In fact, writes Jessica Montell, the Ulpana evacuation only further expands and entrenches settlements at the expense of Palestinians' rights and welfare. B'Tselem also provides background information on the Ulpana case.

The writing is on the wall: Defense Minister must act to prevent next "Price Tag" incident

Five human rights organizations sent an urgent letter to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Judea and Samaria Police District Commander Amos Yaakov, and GOC Central Command General Nitzan Alon, demanding a preconceived and proactive approach to the possiblitly of violent activities carried out by extreme right-wing activists against Palestinians in the days leading up to the removal of five houses from Ulpana Hill in the settlement of Beit El.

Following B’Tselem’s documentation: Israeli army will stop using dogs to disperse demonstrations

Video stilOn 15 June 2012, the Haaretz newspaper reported that, following a demonstrator’s injury in Kafr Qadum after an Israeli soldier set a dog on him, the army had decided to stop using dogs to disperse demonstrations in the West Bank. The Kafr Qadum incident was documented by a B’Tselem volunteer, and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel contacted the Judea and Samaria Division Command demanding that soldiers be reminded that they are forbidden to use dogs to attack civilians in general and demonstrators in particular.

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