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تحديثات من الميدان

Only in Israel

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 14th, the Israeli Knesset will hold a discussion on the use of physical pressure during interrogations by the General Security Services.

B'Tselem has approached the Knesset Members and Ministers, with information disputing the main arguments put forth to support legislation for torture. These arguments are raised in an attempt to intimidate the public and have no factual support:

"Interrogation over a cup of coffee"? That's not the only remaining option. Many countries in the world are struggling with terrorism, without reaching moral bankruptcy. The CIA interrogation guidelines forbid the use of physical pressure, and instead instruct operation with sophistication and technical proficiency.

"We are not Holland". True, but Great Britain and the United States, in their ongoing struggle with harsh terrorism, make use of non-violent interrogation methods, and have found these to be more effective.

"Moderate physical pressure does not constitute torture". Recent years have shown that permission for "moderate physical pressure", led to the torture of thousands of Palestinians in detention, and perjury by the GSS in the courts.