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تحديثات من الميدان

Border Police officers beat Qahira Muhsen, June 2004

Qahira Muhsen, victim, age 41, lives in al Funduq, Qalqiliya District.

Qahira Muhsen

I live in Al-Funduq village and I have 11 children, six of whom are younger than 15 years old. I work as a housecleaner. I clean houses in Jajulye and in Kfar Qassem. My husband, my 19 year-old son, Saber, and my 17 year-old daughter, Hiba, suffer from mental retardation and need supervision. I have to work because I am the only breadwinner in my big family.

On Friday 18 June, 2004, around 15:00, I was coming home from work Jajulye. I was walking alone on the dirt road that leads to Kfar Habla and al Funduq. When I reached the trench south of the Jajulye checkpoint I saw a dark green Border Police jeep. I was surprised to see the jeep because the checkpoint in Jajluliya was removed since construction of the separation barrier. When I got closer four officers came out of the jeep. One of the officers approached me and asked for my ID. The officer was tall, fair-skinned, heavy set and bald. I gave him my ID and he said to me in Arabic: "I turned you down twice this morning and prevented you from entering Israel, how did you manage to get in?" I replied "I got in at the place where the Palestinians enter." It was true. That morning the officer turned me down twice from entering Israel. I was with a group of women who tried to get in. But I had to get into Israel any way possible, so eventually I went into Israel though a hole in the separation barrier that encircles Qalqiliya, near Habla and Jajulye.

The officer started swearing me. He said to me: "You're a liar, a slut, the daughter of a slut." I said to him "Your mother and your sister are sluts. Are you willing to let someone curse your mother and your sister?" The officer punched me in the face and on my breast. At the same time another officer joined him, and hit me as well. The second officer was Ethiopian; he was short and heavyset. The second officer kicked my legs, so I fell on the ground. When I fell down he stepped on me. The two other officers stood with their back to the jeep. I was about two and a half meters away from the jeep and the two officers stared at me and laughed while the others swear and hit me. I tried to stand up but I could not because of the beating.

About five minutes after they started hitting me a farmer on a tractor drove up. I recognized his face from my work in Jaljulye. I know he is from there but I don't know his name. He tried to intervene but one of the officers yelled at him to leave or he would shoot him. The farmer went away.

The officers hit and kicked me for about fifteen minutes. Then they left me alone. I was lying on the ground and exhausted and they went to their jeep. Before they left, the jeep drove back in my direction, and pushed me to the side of the road where there were dry bushes and thorns. Then the jeep left.

For about fifteen minutes I lay in one place. I couldn't move. Several women arrived. I know them; they work in agriculture inside Israel. When they saw me they were surprised and asked what happened. I told them about the incident. Three of them lifted me and supported me until we reached the area of Habla gate. Near the gate there were several Palestinian laborers who waited to pass the gate. One of them called the Red Crescent and ordered an ambulance. The ambulance arrived at about 16:30 and drove me to UNRWA hospital in Qalqiliya.

In the hospital I had a medical examination and X-rays. I was there for two hours, and then I was transferred to Rafidiya hospital in Nablus for treatment. After an hour and a half the doctors decided that I was in a stable condition and was bruised, but no bones were broken. I went back to Al-Funduq and since than I have been resting at home, unable to do anything./>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>/>

Qahira Ibrahim Saleh Muhsen, is 41 years old. She is married and the mother of 11 children. Qahra works as a house cleaner and lives in al Funduq, Qalqiliya District. The testimony was taken Abd al-Qarim a-Sa'adi in Qhira al-Muhsen's home,on 6 June, 2004.