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11 Feb. '12: B'Tselem to Meridor: Immediately release or try administrative detainee on hunger strike

On 9 February, B'Tselem made an urgent demand to Minister for Intelligence Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor to bring about the immediate release of Khader 'Adnan, an administrative detainee who has been on a hunger strike for 54 days. If he is not released, he must be charged and tried in a manner that respects his right to due process.

According to Physicians for Human Rights-Israel and media reports, 'Adnan, 34, a resident of 'Araba village near Jenin, was arrested on 17 December and has been held in administrative detention since then. He began his hunger strike the day after he was detained, in protest against his administrative detention and the manner in which he was arrested and interrogated. Now in the 54th day of his hunger strike, PHR-Israel classifies his medical condition as life-threatening.

As an administrative detainee, 'Adnan has not been told the evidence against him and is unable to refute the military’s accusations. Under international law, administrative detention may be used only in exceptional cases, as a means of last resort to prevent a danger that cannot be thwarted by less harmful means. Israel’s use of administrative detention violates these limitations.

In its letter, B'Tselem requested Minister Meridor to do everything in his power “to ensure the well-being and health of Khader 'Adnan and prevent a needless tragedy to him and his family.”

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