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Human Rights Links - Israeli Sites

The first Arab-run nonprofit legal center in Israel. The organization was established in November 1996 and its main goal is to achieve equal rights and minority rights protection for Arab citizens of Israel.

Amnesty International - Israel Section
The Israel section of Amnesty International participates in the organization's campaigns to prevent human rights violations in Israel and  around the world. 

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel
The Association for Civil Rights in Israel was established in 1972. ACRI is a non-partisan, independent organisation that works for the protection of human and civil rights in Israel and in the territories under its control.

The Arab Association for Human Rights (HRA)
Founded in 1988, HRA works to promote and protect the political, civil, economic, and cultural rights of the Palestinian Arab minority in Israel and to further the domestic implementation of international human rights principles.

Bizchut Israeli nonprofit organization working to advance the rights of people with physical and mental disabilities as well as the mentally ill and to achieve their full integration in Israeli society.

Bimkom - Planners for Planning Rights
The organization was established in May 1999 by planners and architects with the goal of strengthening the connection between human rights and spatial planning in Israel. As a professional organization, Bimkom strives to achieve the right to equality and social justice in matters of planning, development, and the allocation of land resources, and assists communities and minorities affected by social and economic disadvantage and by civil rights' discriminations to exercise their rights in this area.

Gisha: Center for the Legal Protection of Freedom of Movement
An Israeli not-for-profit organization that seeks to protect the fundamental rights of Palestinians living in the Occupied Territories by imposing human rights law as a limitation on the behavior of Israel's military.

Kav La'Oved
Non-profit organization established by a group of volunteers in 1990 dedicated to protecting the rights of disadvantaged workers in Israel.

Machsom Watch - Women for Human Rights
Founded in 2001 by a group of Israeli women in response to reports on violations of the Human Rights of Palestinian civilians at military and police checkpoints. The group conducts daily surveillances at various checkpoints, observes the procedures at the checkpoints, challenges wrongdoings, assists the local population and provide updated web reports.

Meezaan Center for Human Rights
Meezaan Association for Human Rights focuses on maintaining adequate and professional legal representation of the Arab minority in all that concerns it as a native minority on its land; as well as raising awareness amongst the public and the non-profit organizations, throughout giving legal advisory and support as needed. We also concentrate on documenting transgressions and discrimination in every aspect of the Arab minority's existence, through authentic reports and publications that highlight and affirm these violations.

HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual
An Israeli human rights organization whose main objective is to offer legal and administrative assistance and advocacy to Palestinians of the Occupied Territories whose rights are violated due to Israel's policies. These include Detainee Rights; Residency Rights and Family Unification; Freedom of Movement; Violence by security forces and settlers; House Demolitions and Deportations. HaMoked's site contains information relating to these human rights violations: Israeli laws and regulations; international conventions; petitions to the Israeli High Court of Justice; claims for compensation for damages; decisions by Israeli and other courts; and other official documents and reports.

Mossawa - The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens of Israel
The organization was established in October of 1997 as a Non Governmental Organization. Mossawa works to promote equality for Arab\Palestinians within the borders of Israel. Mossawa utilizes advocacy methods to change the social and political status of Arab/Palestinians in Israel in an attempt to gain minority recognition and rights, without sacrificing their national and cultural rights as Palestinians.

Physicians for Human Rights - Israel
PHR-Israel, established in 1988, is dedicated to promoting and protecting the medical human rights of residents of Israel and the Occupied Territories. PHR-Israel opposes the subjugation of medical care to political considerations and fights against breaches of medical human rights by the Israeli authorities. PHR-Israel also works to rectify and prevent breakdowns in health care delivery in the West Bank.

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI)
An apolitical organization dedicated to the elimination of torture as a means of interrogation by Israel's security forces. PCATI is the only organization in Israel exclusively devoted to the issue of illegal interrogation. PCATI documents, monitors and responds to cases of illegal interrogation, ill-treatment and police brutality within Israel, the Occupied Territories and the Palestinian National Authority.

Rabbis for Human Rights
The only organization in Israel today concerned specifically with giving voice to the Jewish tradition of human rights. RHR has helped numerous individuals, publicized causes, engaged in civil disobedience, lobbied the Knesset and participated in a landmark high court case limiting the scope of the army to abuse human rights under the guise of security.

Yesh Din - Volunteers for Human Rights
An Israeli not-for-profit organization comprised of women and men who have come together to take concrete action against the constant human rights abuses inflicted on the Palestinian population in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. The members of the organization come from diverse personal, professional and political backgrounds, but share a deep concern for the significant damage these abuses are causing Palestinian and Israeli societies. To ensure the effectiveness of its action, Yesh Din is assisted by legal, human rights and media professionals.