Military takes over Hebron homes to secure settler celebration, November 2016

December 2016

On 24-25 Nov. 2016, the military took over the homes of two Palestinian families in Hebron. The soldiers used the bathrooms, the kitchens, and in one home also the bedroom of 17-year-old Warud Da’na. She began videotaping the soldiers’ conduct, but they would not allow her to continue. As Da’na told B’Tselem: “It was hard to watch them walking over the carpets in my room with their shoes and sitting on my bed after moving the dolls. I asked my father to tell them to leave, but he said he couldn’t.” Warud and her brother slept over at their grandfather’s, and returned the next morning. She said: “It was very obvious that the soldiers had slept in my bed. The thought of them sleeping in my bed and in my room really bothers me.”