Khirbet Humsah, the Jordan Valley, living with no running water: Summer 2016

September 2016

Kh. Humsah is one of dozens of small shepherding and farming communities scattered throughout the Jordan Valley. It is comprised of about 20 families and located northeast of the Hamra checkpoint. Like other communities in the Jordan Valley and throughout Area C, Kh. Humsah is not recognized by the Israeli authorities, which repeatedly demolish homes, prevent the community from connecting to the water network and work toward expelling its residents, who struggle to survive in the extreme heat of the Jordan Valley, making a meager living off farming and shepherding, while facing a constant water shortage. Dina and ‘Abdallah Abu Qabash, parents of four and residents of Kh. Humsah, speak about the difficulties of living with a water shortage, and harassment by the Israeli authorities.