Soldiers detain a minor, threaten wrongful arrest, 2015

May 2015
Filmed by: 
Mahmoud Abu Haya

Footage of one incident in a saga of harassment the Abu Haya family in Hebron underwent at the hands of soldiers in April 2015. On 6 April 2015 soldiers detained Maher Abu Haya, 14, not far from his home. The soldiers, apparently trying to nab teens who had thrown stones, alleged Maher was one of the stone-throwers. He denied the allegations, which proved baseless. The soldiers then claimed he knew the identity of the stone-throwers and told Maher’s father who had arrived on the scene that whenever there’s a stone-throwing incident, they see Maher nearby. They threatened to arrest Maher if they see him the next time stones are thrown, regardless of whether he’d thrown tones.