Soldiers try to keep members of Abu Haya family from filming search of their home, 2015

May 2015
Filmed by: 
Mahmoud Abu Haya

Footage of one incident in a saga of harassment the Abu Haya family in Hebron underwent at the hands of soldiers in April 2015. On the afternoon of 6 April 2015 soldiers entered the Abu Haya home, instructing the family to leave so they can search it. Mahmoud Abu Haya waited outside with his children, while his wife Nirmin stayed inside and filmed the soldiers as they came in. A soldier ordered her to go out and stop filming, threatening to remove her by force. Mahmoud insisted they have a right to go on filming and demanded to speak to the commanding officer. A soldier, without officer’s insignia, said he’s an officer and that he’d authorized the search. After the family presented their IDS, the soldiers left, taking nothing.