Security forces spray foul smelling liquid on a funeral procession in Hebron, 2012

February 2012
Filmed by: 
Musa Abu Hashhash, B'Tselem field researcher

On Friday, February 24, 2012, a demonstration against the closure of Shuhada Street to Palestinian pedestrians and vehicles was held in Hebron. Shortly before it ended, and completely unrelated to it, the Fanun family was preparing to lay ‘Abd al-Mun’im Fanun, who died the day before, to rest in the Muslim cemetery in Tel Rumeida. The way to the cemetery passes near where the demonstration was taking place. Before the funeral procession arrived at the cemetery, it encountered border police and army forces. The family tried to talk to the border police officers who were at the scene so that they would allow the procession to reach the cemetery, but to no avail. A few minutes later, a security force vehicle sprayed a foul smelling liquid (“skunk”) on the demonstrators, who had remained on the street, and on the deceased’s body and the mourners.