Child Arrest in Silwan, 2010

October 2010

B'Tselem's report, Caution: Children Ahead, published in December 2010, indicates that, from November 2009 to October 2010, at least 81 minors from Silwan, East Jerusalem, were arrested or detained, the vast majority on suspicion of stone throwing. The arrests were made following clashes between Palestinians and settlers in the neighborhood, where tension has run high since settlers took control of houses and archeological sites there.

The Youth Law is an Israeli statute intended to protect minors in criminal proceedings. B'Tselem's investigation revealed that the Jerusalem police repeatedly breached this law by arresting minors in the middle of the night and, in some cases, by interrogating minors without a parent present. Children under the age of criminal responsibility were also detained for investigation. Many of the minors who were arrested complained that they had been treated violently during the arrest.

In the video, Nahil a-Rajabi, a resident of Silwan and mother of six, describes the arrest of two of her young children.