Demonstrator in Gaza killed by Israeli security forces, 2010

April 2010
Filmed by: 
Muhammad Sabah, B'Tselem

Israel has declared wide areas in Gaza near the border with Israel as "no-go zones". Soldiers are allowed to fire at anybody entering them, including Palestinian farmers.

B'Tselem field researcher Muhammad Sabah documented a demonstration against this policy held by young Gazans. The footage shows unarmed demonstrators standing several dozen meters from the border, facing a military outpost inside Israel. A soldier stands by the outpost, observing the events. A shot is then heard. A young Palestinian man was wounded from the shot and died that evening.


The figures do not include fatalities in the Gaza Strip and Israel during Operation Protective Edge (8 July 2014 through 26 August 2014). These figures will be added once the relevant investigations are complete.