Settlement wastewater pollutes Palestinian lands, 2009

November 2009
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The video was co-produced by "HaYarkon 70 News" and B'Tselem

The West Bank town of Salfit has suffered for years from wastewater channeled its way from the Ariel settlement, as depicted in the video. This case is not unusual in the West Bank: as detailed in B'Tselem's report on the subject, tens of millions of cubic meters of wastewater flow freely in the West Bank, from settlements, from Jerusalem and from Palestinian communities, greatly damaging the environment. In many settlements, the wastewater treatment plants are outdated and cannot treat the load currently placed on them; other settlements have never built plants. Israel has placed obstacles before efforts made by the Palestinian Authority to build treatment plants in Palestinian communities, including the condition that some plants serve adjacent settlements as well. The PA objects, on the grounds that establishing joint plants would legitimize the existence of the settlements.