Palestinian families evicted from Sheikh Jarah; settlers move into their homes, 2009

August 2009
Filmed by: 
Filmed by Kareeem Jubran

Sharihan Majd Hanun, a psychology student at al-Quds University, describes the removal of her family from their home.

Dues to technical constraints, we are unable to add subtitles to the video. The translation follows:

They came in the morning and broke all the doors. They didn't let me take my things. They fought with all my brothers and cousins, and told us to go outside. They took all the international (activists) and fought with them. Only one of them, who has a physical problem, was not taken to jail, though they fought with him as well. They told me not to stay there, to get out, but (now) that I’m here, they aren’t letting me go back there.

[In response to a question]: They took my father too and went outside.
[A border policeman approaches and tells her not to stand where she is]: No, no, I’ll take my things. I’ll take my bag and go to my family. I want to take the bag. This is my book. Only my book.

[In response to a question]: They came at five in the morning, beat us and all the foreign volunteers, and said we were forbidden to stay in the house, that it was forbidden for anybody to pass. It was only when I told them I have an exam at the university and that I need the book that they let me go back inside.