Jordan Valley

Khirbet 'Ein Karzaliyah resident talks about recurrent demolitions since early 2014

Testimony: Life without running water in the Jordan Valley, suffer from severe water shortage, April 2011

Testimony: Teacher from Jordan Valley tells of daily delays at a checkpoint on his way to and from school in Northern West Bank, April 2011

Testimony: Effects of Israeli restrictions on the "Jericho Resort Village", May 2011

Testimony: Exploitation of Palestinian laborers working in settlements in the Jordan Valley, November 2010

Testimony: Farmers in al-‘Uja can’t work their land due to dried-up spring, September 2010

Soldiers severely beat four Palestinians on a trip to the Dead Sea, holding them for an entire night , April 2009

Settler shoots shepherd near the Shademot Mehola settlement, seriously wounding him, September 2007

Soldiers confiscate identity card of Palestinian for remaining in the Jordan Valley without a permit, February 2006