Hebron city center

Testimony: Soldier delayed patient’s evacuation from Old City of Hebron, 8 May 2012

Settlers assault Nizam al-'Azazmeh while on his way home, Hebron, August '09

Settlers throw rocks at ambulance transporting patient while soldiers stand idly by, Hebron, April '09

Settlers accompanied by soldiers throw stones at cars and houses, causing damage, Hebron, April 2009

Settlers assault family in Hebron following the eviction of the settlement in the a-Ras neighborhood, 4 December 2008

Settlers in procession in Hebron on Jewish holiday assault Palestinian youth, October 2007

Dozens of settlers attack the home of Jamila a-Shalalda on a-Shuhada Street

With soldiers present, settlers break into house in Hebron and assault the occupants, January 07

Daily attacks by settlers on the Abu Armila family, Hebron

Daily attacks by settlers on the Abu 'Ayesha family, Tel Rumeida, Hebron