Separation Barrier

Israel restricts Manal a-Daqa's access to her land on the other side of the Separation Barrier, Tulkarm area, April 2010

Soldiers assault elderly farmer while working his land next to the Separation Barrier, December 2009

Israel prevents elderly resident of Bethlehem from harvesting his olives, which lie on the other side of the Separation Barrier, October 2009

Border Police break arm of a 57-year-old woman, near the Separation Barrier, Deir al-‘Asal al-Foqa, March 09

Soldiers fire tear gas into yard of home in Nil'in and six-week-old baby is severely injured after inhaling the gas, May '08

Member of security forces threatens to jail 13-year-old girl who touched the Separation Barrier, Nu’man, 6 January 08

Army demolishes village housing over 200 Palestinians, west of the Barrier

Students from Tel ’Adasah, near Bir Nabala, can’t attned school because of the Separation Barrier, Sept. 2007

IDF soldiers fire live ammunition at demonstrators, wounding two persons, Beit Liqya, Jan. 2007