Testimonies: Soldiers fire at shepherdesses near Gaza perimeter fence, wounding elderly woman in leg, 9 August 2011

Testimony: Life without running water in the Jordan Valley, suffer from severe water shortage, April 2011

Testimony: Teacher from Jordan Valley tells of daily delays at a checkpoint on his way to and from school in Northern West Bank, April 2011

Testimony: Effects of Israeli restrictions on the "Jericho Resort Village", May 2011

Testimonies: Youth from Gaza whose medical treatment was delayed dies in JM

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Testimony: Soldiers' gunfire wounds Nidal al-Hasumi on two separate occasions while he was collecting gravel near the Gaza-Israel perimeter fence, Summer 2010

Israel seizes land and hampers access for farmers near the Kedumim settlement

Soldiers fire at worker near Gaza perimeter fence, wounding him, and at a worker who tries to evacuate him, 19 June 2010