Border Police break arm of a 57-year-old woman, near the Separation Barrier, Deir al-‘Asal al-Foqa, March 09

Border Police assault father and sons cleaning a road in Huwara, March '09

Fatma Zein and her family suffer due to water shortage, Yatta, March 2009

Policeman assaults Ahmad Abu Hussein, who is disabled, at a-Zeitun checkpoint, Feb. '09

Soldiers beat Adham Zaweita at his place of work, a chicken coop in Zawata, Feb. '09

Soldiers use Beydah family’s house as observation post, injuring people and damaging property, Jayyus, Feb. '09

Settlers assault 14-year old on his family’s land and kidnap him, Feb. '09

Soldiers beat and severely abuse shepherd Sharif Abu Hayah, 66, in Khirbet Abu Falah, 28 January 2009

Soldiers assault Mustafa Shuli at the checkpoint between Nablus and 'Asira a-Shamaliya, Jan. '09

Border policeman beats Majdi ‘Alan and threatens to shoot him, a-Sheikh Sa’ed Checkpoint, East Jerusalem, 23 January 2009