Use of firearms

Jaber Abu Hweij loses father and brothers in Gaza bombing

Al-'Abd a-Shaf'i, detained for selling cigarettes on the street, was killed when the police station was bombed, 27.12.08

Khaled al-Astal, 14, killed in bombing by Israeli army, Khan Yunis, 27 December 2008

Three-year-old killed in Israeli bombing of building next to his home, Gaza City, Dec. '08

Settlers assault family in Hebron following the eviction of the settlement in the a-Ras neighborhood, 4 December 2008

Israeli navy shoots and wounds Muhammad Musleh, fishing off the Rafah shore, 5 October 2008

Settlers raid 'Asira al-Qibliya and attack residents in the presence of soldiers, Sept. '08.

Soldier fires tear-gas grenade at youth, injuring him severely in the face, Aug. '08

Testimony: Soldiers blow up door of family home, killing the mother, and leave body with her children

Special unit members kill group of four Palestinians in Bethlehem, March '08