Use of firearms

3 children killed by missile when playing in the street, Khan Yunis,2 Jan. '09

Woman and 8 year-old girl killed in an army bombing in Gaza City, Dec. '08

Five girls in one family killed when the army bombs a mosque near their home in Jabalya Refugee Camp, 29 December 2008

Eight young men killed when army bombs truck of metal workshop in Gaza City, 29 Dec. '08

Three children killed in bombing of their home, 28 Dec. ’08

Vegetable merchant and small son killed in Israeli bombing of Gazan police building, 27 Dec. '08

Jaber Abu Hweij loses father and brothers in Gaza bombing

Al-'Abd a-Shaf'i, detained for selling cigarettes on the street, was killed when the police station was bombed, 27.12.08

Khaled al-Astal, 14, killed in bombing by Israeli army, Khan Yunis, 27 December 2008

Three-year-old killed in Israeli bombing of building next to his home, Gaza City, Dec. '08