Use of firearms

Khaled al-Astal, 14, killed in bombing by Israeli army, Khan Yunis, 27 December 2008

Three-year-old killed in Israeli bombing of building next to his home, Gaza City, Dec. '08

Vegetable vendor killed in Israeli bombing of Gazan police building, 27 Dec. ‘08

Settlers assault family in Hebron following the eviction of the settlement in the a-Ras neighborhood, 4 December 2008

Israeli navy shoots and wounds Muhammad Musleh, fishing off the Rafah shore, 5 October 2008

Settlers raid 'Asira al-Qibliya and attack residents in the presence of soldiers, Sept. '08.

Soldier fires tear-gas grenade at youth, injuring him severely in the face, Aug. '08

Testimony: Soldiers blow up door of family home, killing the mother, and leave body with her children

Special unit members kill group of four Palestinians in Bethlehem, March '08

Soldiers fire missiles at medical team in Jabalya, killing one paramedic and wounding another, 1 March 2008