Use of firearms

Soldiers Killed and injured dozens of persons from a-Samuni family in a-Zeitun neighborhood, Gaza, 4 Jan. '09

Israeli soldiers kill ‘Atiyyah a-Samuni at home, before his family, Gaza City, Jan. '09

Army forces neighborhood residents from their homes, Jan. '09

Bombing causes the Abu al-Haj family to flee their house and go to a school in a-Nuseirat, 4 Jan. '09

Ambulance and medical staff fired at while evacuating wounded people, 4 Jan. '09

Testimony: Members of Abu Halima family killed and burned in army’s bombing of their house, 4 Jan. '09

Life under siege and bombings in the Gaza Strip, 4 Jan. '09

Usama a-Nabahin and his family leave their house out of fear of Israeli attacks, 3 Jan. 09

Testimony: Abu Dahruj family flee their shelled neighborhood in central Gaza Strp, 3 Jan. '09

Testimony: al-'Ayadi family, eight of whom lightly injured, trapped in their home in area being shelled, 7 Jan. '09