Use of firearms

10 year-old lost his eyesight in a bombing in which a friend was killed and another wounded, Gaza Strip, Jan. '09

Israeli army bombs home in Gaza City, killing 21 members of a single family, Jan. '09

9 members of family killed at home when army bombs near UNWRA school, Jabalya refugee camp, 6 Jan. '09

Children witness their mother and another woman killed by fire from a tank, Gaza Strip, 4 Jan '09

Wiam al-Kafarneh, 3, is severely injured when the army shells her house and dies the next day, Beit Hanun, Jan. '09

Soldiers Killed and injured dozens of persons from a-Samuni family in a-Zeitun neighborhood, Gaza, 4 Jan. '09

Israeli soldiers kill ‘Atiyyah a-Samuni at home, before his family, Gaza City, Jan. '09

Army forces neighborhood residents from their homes, Jan. '09

Bombing causes the Abu al-Haj family to flee their house and go to a school in a-Nuseirat, 4 Jan. '09

Ambulance and medical staff fired at while evacuating wounded people, 4 Jan. '09