Settler violence: Lack of accountability

Settler kids in Hebron throw stones at Bahija Sharbati, striking her in the head and shattering windows of her house, 2 April 2005

Settlers scattered poison in pasture fields, killing sheep and deer, Khirbet a-Tawaneh, the Southern Hebron Hills, March 2005

Water shortage in a-Sfai al-Fuqa in the Southern Hebron Hills, December 2004

Harsh living conditions and settler abuse in a-Sfai a-Tahta, the Southern Hebron Hills, October 2004

Settlers harass and assault the Jundiyeh family and block their access road, a-Tuba village, the Southern Hebron Hills

The a-Zein family in a-Tuba: Deportation by the Civil Administration and abuse by settlers

Settlers Take Control over Land in Tuqu', Beat Palestinians and Open Fire, February 2004

Hebron: Settlers stab Iyad Salhab, age 25, January 2003

Settler shoots at olive harvesters from Bani Na'im, October 2002

Itamar settlers attack olive harvesters from Awarta, October 2002