Beit Furiq Checkpoint: IDF soldiers prevent passage to Palestinians under age 35, July, 2003

Soldier testimony: "Checkpoints provide no operational objective," July 2003

Wadi Batir, Bethlehem District: Border Police officers beat three Palestinians, June 2003

Jerusalem: Border Police officers beat two Palestinians, June, 2003

Hebron District DCO: IDF soldiers confiscate ID cards of two Palestinians and delay them for 18 hours, June 2003

Tulkarm District, Zeita: Border Police officer forces man from 'Attil to commit sexual act with a donkey, June 2003

IDF soldiers abuse residents of a-Tuwani in order to prevent visits by members of Ta'ayush, May 2003

Tel Checkpoint, Nablus District: IDF soldiers beat and delay civilians for hours in sun, May 2003

Huwwara Checkpoint: IDF soldiers beat, imprison and humiliate four Palestinians, May 2003

Tarqumiya, Hebron District: Border Police officers assault Hassan Ja'afra, May 2003