Tarqumiya, Hebron District: Border Police officers assault Hassan Ja'afra, May 2003

Bethlehem: IDF soldiers beat two journalists, May 2003

Huwwara Checkpoint: IDF soldiers beat Ahmad 'Uda, May 2003

Border Police officers assault Palestinian taxi drivers with stones at the "Container" Checkpoint, May 2003

Israeli soldier gives pop quiz to Palestinians wanting to cross Huwwara Checkpoint, May 2003

Soldier testimony: "Someone can prevent a humanitarian case from passing through because of their ideology," May 2003

Nablus: IDF use 'Ula 'Awad, as a human shield, March, 2003

Nablus: IDF destroy a house and use neighbors as human shields, March, 2003

Al-Burej refugee camp: IDF house bombing kills Nuha al-Maqadmeh, March, 2003

Hebron: IDF soldiers beat snack bar owner, Isma'il al-'Izza, January 2003