Settler violence: Lack of accountability

Settler Girls assault Palestinian during olive harvest and rip sacks of olives, Sinjil, 13 November 2005

Settler assaults Khalil Jaber in an olive grove near Yanun, 10 November 2005

Water shortage in Yatta, Hebron district, summer 2005

Settlers attack child and injure person who tries to help him during disturbances following the terror attack at Beit Hagai Junction, Hebron District , 26 June 2005

Settlers' daily attacks on Abu 'Ayesha family prohibit them from living normal lives, Hebron, Tel Rumeida, May 2005

Settler kids in Hebron throw stones at Bahija Sharbati, striking her in the head and shattering windows of her house, 2 April 2005

Settlers scattered poison in pasture fields, killing sheep and deer, Khirbet a-Tawaneh, the Southern Hebron Hills, March 2005

Water shortage in a-Sfai al-Fuqa in the Southern Hebron Hills, December 2004

Harsh living conditions and settler abuse in a-Sfai a-Tahta, the Southern Hebron Hills, October 2004

Settlers harass and assault the Jundiyeh family and block their access road, a-Tuba village, the Southern Hebron Hills