Beating & abuse

Hebron: IDF soldiers beat and abuse Palestinians in barbershop, December 2002

IDF soldiers in Ramallah beat and humiliate Mohay 'Aarida, November 2002

Hebron: Border Police officers attack and delay Red Crescent ambulance crew, November 2002

A-Ram Checkpoint: Border Police officers beat two brothers, November 2002

Ramallah: IDF soldiers beat ambulance driver Emil a-Rimawi, November 2002

Jenin: IDF soldiers harass Naji Abu 'Ubeid, age 18, and his family, November 2002

Hebron: Border police officers beat two Palestinians, October 2002

Border Police officers beat and rob Ashraf a-Shawahin, a peddler, July 2002

Ramallah: IDF soliders arrest and beat Palestinian man, June 2002

IDF causes death of infant by preventing mother's evacuation to hospital, April 2002