Soldiers abuse and humiliate Palestinian laborers who tried to enter Israel, and steal their property and money, a-Ramadin

Soldiers brutally beat Salman Zaraneh, a-Ramadin, Sept. '09

Soldiers brutally beat Muhammad Id'is near a-Tuwani Village and Shani Checkpoint, Sept. 2009

Settlers attacked Palestinians while they grazed their flock near Khirbet Susiya, August 2009

Settlers assault Nizam al-'Azazmeh while on his way home, Hebron, August '09

Settlers assault shepherds from Shu'b al-Buttom near the Avigail outpost, 4 July 2009

Police severely beat Malak Abu Gharbiya on Tel Aviv beach, June 2009

Dozens of settlers throw stones at vehicle driving near the Qedumim settlement, injuring three of the passengers, June 2009

Soldiers severely beat and abuse Palestinians near the Dead Sea, May 2009

Police detain Palestinian laborers in a meat truck, denying them air and water for over two hours, May 2009