Beating & abuse

Police detain Palestinian laborers in a meat truck, denying them air and water for over two hours, May 2009

Border policemen beat and abuse laborers who try to enter Israel without a permit, May 2009

Soldiers come across Palestinians and detain and abuse them for hours, Dura, April 2009

Soldiers assault medical team, preventing them from evacuating heart-attack victim, April 2009

Soldiers severely beat four Palestinians on a trip to the Dead Sea, holding them for an entire night , April 2009

Border Police beat Iyad and 'Alaa Mazlum at the checkpoint, March 2009

Border Police beat laborers from Sa'ir severely, Jerusalem area, March 2009

Border Police break arm of a 57-year-old woman, near the Separation Barrier, Deir al-‘Asal al-Foqa, March 09

Border Police assault father and sons cleaning a road in Huwara, March '09

Policeman assaults Ahmad Abu Hussein, who is disabled, at a-Zeitun checkpoint, Feb. '09