Hebron city center

Impossible life in Tel Rumeida Hebron, December 2006

A family forced to leave her house in H2 area in Hebron

Border Police officer beats Ra'id Fatafteh at checkpoint, injuring him, Hebron, May 2006

IDF soldiers beat two press photographers in Hebron, April 2006

Settlers attack child and injure person who tries to help him during disturbances following the terror attack at Beit Hagai Junction, Hebron District , 26 June 2005

Settlers' daily attacks on Abu 'Ayesha family prohibit them from living normal lives, Hebron, Tel Rumeida, May 2005

Settler kids in Hebron throw stones at Bahija Sharbati, striking her in the head and shattering windows of her house, 2 April 2005

The Civil Administration Prevents Couples and their Children from Living Together in Hebron or Gaza

Hebron: Settlers stab Iyad Salhab, age 25, January 2003

Hebron: IDF soldiers beat and abuse Palestinians in barbershop, December 2002