al-'Ayadi family, eight of whom lightly injured, trapped in their home in area being shelled, 7 Jan. '09

Hussein al-'Ayadi, 60

My brothers and I live in Juhar a-Dik, opposite Karni intersection. My house is made of concrete, which is why my brothers came to live with me when the fighting began.

Saturday night [3 January], there was lots of tank fire and aerial bombing, and we all went into the main room, which is more secure. A shell fell on the roof of the house, tearing a hole into the ceiling and injuring a few of us lightly. We all went to the ground floor and then a tank fired another shell, which hit the house, injuring eight people in my family: Nur Hussein al-'Ayadi, 16, Wa'ed Adnan al-'Ayadi, 13, Raghda Adnan, 17, Hind Adnan, 14, Walid Adnan, 6, Kamela Hashem al-'Ayadi , 80, Doha Hassan al-'Ayadi, 80, and Doa'a Farid al-'Ayadi , 18. All were lightly injured.

With the house damaged, we are now hiding in a small room in the yard. We have been in contact with all kinds of people in an attempt to get the army to let us take out the injured without getting fired at, but without success. The Red Cross told us that the army claims that nobody is trapped in our area, and is not willing to let them enter.

We called Physicians for Human Rights and contacted Knesset members. Lots of people are trying to help us, but nothing has happened so far.

We are eating what remained in the house and vegetation from the yard, which we cook, but we are a large number of people, and the food is beginning to run out.

Testimony of Hussein 'Odeh Hussein al-'Ayadi, 60, The testimony was given to Atef Abu a-Rub by telephone on 7 January 2009