The figures do not include fatalities in the Gaza Strip and Israel during Operation Protective Edge (8 July 2014 through 26 August 2014). These figures will be added once the relevant investigations are complete.

Fatalities after operation Cast Lead

The Fatalities' data can be shown either by the date of the event in which they were hurt, or by the date of their death. Since some of the fatalities died of their injuries days, weeks and sometimes months after they were hurt, choosing the view affects the distribution of data.

Data by the date of event,
19 January 2009 - 30 April 2016
Occupied Territories Israel
Gaza Strip West Bank Total
Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces 517 288 805 18
Palestinians killed by Israeli civilians 0 16 16 6
Israeli civilians killed by Palestinians 0 41 41 21
Israeli security force personnel killed by Palestinians 4 8 12 5
Foreign citizens killed by Palestinians 1 1 2 4
Foreign citizens killed by Israeli security forces 2 0 2 1
Palestinians killed by Palestinians 58 1 59 0
Palestinians killed by unknown Israeli party 0 2 2 1

Data on minors and women (included in previous table) Occupied Territories Israel
Gaza Strip West Bank Total
Palestinian minors killed by Israeli security forces 73 68 141 1
Palestinian women killed by Israeli security forces 19 11 30 0
Israeli minors killed by Palestinians 0 8 8 2
Israeli women killed by Palestinians 0 8 8 3
Palestinians killed by Palestinians for suspected collaboration with Israel 1 0 1 0

Data on participation in the hostilities and targeted killings - Gaza Strip only (included in first table) Occupied Territories Israel
Gaza Strip West Bank Total
Palestinians who did not take part in hostilities and killed by Israeli security forces (not the objects of targeted killings) 199 0 199 1
Palestinian killed by Israeli security forces, Not known if involved in fighting 24 0 24 0
Palestinians who took part in the hostilities and were killed by Israeli security forces 255 0 255 1
Palestinians who were the object of a targeted killing 39 0 39 0
Palestinians killed during the course of a targeted killing 55 0 55 0

The figures do not include:

  • Palestinians who died after Israel delayed their transfer for medical treatment outside the Gaza Strip.
  • Palestinians who died following an infringement of the right to medical treatment in the West Bank, after Operation Cast Lead
  • Two traffic police officers who were shot dead on 15 March 2009 near the moshav of Massu’a, in the Jordan Valley. The circumstances of their death have not yet been determined.
  • Palestinians executed by the Hamas Government
  • Eight Turkish citizens and one American citizen of Turkish origin who were killed on 31 May 2010 by Israeli security forces during a mission to gain control of a flotilla to Gaza, in international waters.
  • A soldier killed on 7 January 2011 when struck by a mortar shell soldiers fired at armed persons near the Gaza perimeter fence.
  • An Israeli civilian killed by gunfire in Jenin on 11 April 2011. The identity of the shooter and the reason for the shooting remain unknown.
  • A Palestinian minor, 17, resident of East Jerusalem, shot on 15 May 2011 during clashes with security forces and security guards of the Jewish settlement in Silwan, East Jerusalem. Died of his wounds the following day.
  • An Israeli civilian, killed by being hit by a truck in Tel Aviv on 15 May 2011.
  • Six Israeli civilians and a member of the Israeli security forces who were shot to death on 18 August 2011 in an attack near Eilat. According to the IDF Spokesperson, eight of the attackers were also killed. Their identity is not yet known.
  • An Israeli soldier killed on 18 August 2011 by soldiers’ gunfire during exchange of gunfire with armed individuals near Eilat.
  • A Palestinian fisherman shot and wounded by soldiers on 28 September 2012 while fishing off the coast of Beit Lahiya, near the northern border of Gaza, died a few hours later in the hospital. A B'Tselem inquiry indicates a suspicion of negligence in the medical treatment provided to the man.
  • Five Palestinians who were killed during Operation Pillar of Defense in the Gaza Strip under circumstances that suggest they were hit by a Palestinian rocket. B’Tselem has been unable to verify this information.
  • A Palestinian killed on 14 January 2013 by gunfire approximately one kilometer from the perimeter fence around the Gaza Strip. The source of gunfire is unknown.
  • A Palestinian detainee who died on 23 February 2013 in Israel Prisons Service custody during a period when he was being interrogated by the Israel Security Agency (ISA). The circumstances of his death are still under investigation.
  • A Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem, who worked as a bus driver for the Israeli Egged bus company. Found hanged on 16 Nov. 2014 in the bus he drove. Circumstances of his death remain unclear.
  • A Border Police officer killed on 18 Nov. 2014 in a gun battle between police and Palestinians who attacked a synagogue in Har Nof, Jerusalem, killing four worshipers. The source of his gunshot wounds is not yet known. The two assailants were killed.
  • An Israeli civilian who died of a heart attack on 13 Sept. 2015; his car swerved and hit a pole after Palestinians threw stones at it in East Jerusalem.
  • A Palestinian killed 22 Sept. 2015 when an object he was about to throw at soldiers exploded.
  • A 14-year-old Palestinian who died on 11 October 2015 in al-Birah during clashes with Israeli security forces after being hit by a blunt object and falling from a height of approximately two meters. B’Tselem’s investigation found that it is highly likely that the blunt object that hit the boy was a stone thrown by a Palestinian, but did not entirely rule out the object being a rubber-coated metal bullet.
  • A soldier killed by a Palestinian citizen of Israel in a shooting attack at the Beersheba Central Bus Station on 18 October 2015. The assailant, who was later killed by police gunfire, and a foreign national, who was mistakenly shot by a bus station security guard, was beaten by passersby and died several hours later.
  • An Israeli civilian killed on 21 October 2015 by shots fired by soldiers stationed as security guards in Jerusalem, after a confrontation with them.
  • An Israeli civilian killed on 23 Dec. 2015 near Damascus Gate, East Jerusalem, by Border Police gunfire when they shot at two Palestinians who had stabbed another Israeli civilian to death. The two assailants were killed.