24 Jan. 2006: New B'Tselem Campaign - Change the Route of the Separation Barrier

24 Jan 2006

Today, B'Tselem launches a campaign to alter the route of the separation barrier. The campaign focuses on the barrier's long, circuitous route that is intended to enable settlement expansion at the expense of security considerations. The campaign will demonstrate the harm that the route causes to Palestinians, and the fact that this harmful route is not necessary for Israeli security.

Under the slogan "There are people on the other side too," the campaign will include a series of advertisements in Israel's print and electronic media.

B'Tselem's campaign will emphasize the Israeli public's right to live in security, and will show that, if Israel requires a separation barrier, it can build one along a route that does no violate human rights. The ads will highlight personal stories of Palestinians who suffer daily as a result of the barrier. B'Tselem will explain how Israeli officials selected a route that is long, winding, expensive, and difficult to defend, a route that actually compromises security and harms Palestinians, all in order to annex settlements and land to build new settlements.

Ads in Hebrew from B'Tselem's campaign