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Israel demolishes infrastructure, leaving Palestinian farmers without water for domestic and agricultural needs

In January and February 2017, Israeli authorities demolished water supply infrastructure in two areas in the West Bank. In the southern West Bank, authorities demolished seven water ciste...
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Israel deliberately forces inhuman conditions on Palestinians working in the country by permit

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, in the first quarter of 2016, approximately 63,000 Palestinians worked in Israel with permits to enter the country. These worker...
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Settlers assault a Palestinian videographer, Hebron, May 2016

On 4 May 2016 Raed Abu a-Rmeileh, a former B’Tselem camera volunteer, tried to film settlers using a dog to harass Palestinian girls. One settler hit Abu a-Rmeileh on the head, knocking h...
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Int'l Workers' Day 2016: Desperate to make a living in Gaza

Nine years have passed since Israel began its blockade on Gaza, paralyzing the job market in an area inhabited by two million people. The right to work and make a decent living are both b...
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No Minor Matter, 2011

Every year, Israeli security forces arrest dozens of Palestinian minors in the West Bank on suspicion of stone-throwing. B'Tselem's report "No Minor Matter" reveals that their rights are ...
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7-year-old caught in soldier stakeout at Kafr Qadum protest

Last Friday, 23 December 2016, the residents of Kafr Qadum held their weekly protest – held regularly since July 2011 – demanding that the road from their village to the city of Nablus be...
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Demolition of houses near the Separation Barrier, Far'un Village, Tulkarm District

On 31 January 2008, the Civil Administration delivered to two homeowners in Far'un, a village south of Tulkarm, notice that orders had been issued to demolish their houses, which lie clos...
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Soldiers repeatedly harass B’Tselem volunteers’ family in Hebron, threaten wrongful arrest of teen son

Narmin and Mahmoud Abu Haya volunteer with B’Tselem’s camera project. They live in Hebron, near the Israeli settlement of Beit Hadassah, with their four children, aged 2 to 14 year. The r...
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Daily life under occupation in Hebron’s Old City: Border Police officer throws child’s bike into bushes for daring to play on street reserved for settlers

Almost four years ago, on 23 September 2012, Israeli security forces erected a chain-link fence all along al-Ibrahimi Street, a major road in Hebron that passes close to the Tomb of the P...
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Khirbet Humsah, the Jordan Valley, living with no running water: Summer 2016

Kh. Humsah is one of dozens of small shepherding and farming communities scattered throughout the Jordan Valley. It is comprised of about 20 families and located northeast of the Hamra ch...