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Israeli Border Police officer fires sponge round at Palestinian teen’s head, then hits him in the head with a gun, Silwad, 10 March 2017

At around 3:00 P.M on Friday, 10 March 2017, about thirty Palestinian teens and young men clashed with 20 to 30 soldiers and Border Police officers near the west entrance to the West Bank...
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Victims of Torture, 2010

David Senesh, an Israeli soldier who was held hostage by the Egyptian army, and Amjad Abu Salhah, a Palestinian who was arrested by Israel, describe the methods of torture to which they w...
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Shepherd Beaten by Soldiers, 2009

Soldiers beat and severely abuse shepherd Sharif Abu Hayah, 66, in Khirbet Abu Falah, 28 January 2009
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East Jerusalem: Six Voices - Thaer Qirresh

14, a Palestinian from the Muslim Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem.What's the story?Thaer used the camera to document his nuclear family’s life since a settler organization took over ...
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East Jerusalem: Six Voices - 'Abd al-Fatah 'Abed Rabu

51, a Palestinian farmer from al-Walajah, southwest of JerusalemWhat’s the story‘Abd al-Fatah, a 51-year-old Palestinian, was born and raised in Dheishe refugee camp, but his family hails...
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East Jerusalem: Six Voices - Sara Benninga

27, a Jewish-Israeli activist in the Sheikh Jarrah solidarity movementWhat’s the story?Sara is one of the leaders of the joint nonviolent movement of Israelis, Palestinians, and internat...
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East Jerusalem: Six Voices - Zuheir a-Rajabi

40,a Palestinian from the village of Silwan, south of the Old City of JerusalemWhat's the story?Settlers have taken over two buildings in Zuheir’s street, which lies at the heart of Silwa...
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East Jerusalem: Six Voices - Muna and Muhammad al-Qurd

12, Palestinian twins from Sheikh Jarrah, East JerusalemWhat's the story?Sheikh Jarrah is a Palestinian neighborhood that was also home to a very small Jewish community before 1948. The J...
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East Jerusalem: Six Voices - Yonathan Mizrahi

39, a Jewish-Israeli archeologist living in West Jerusalem What’s the story? Yonathan stopped working for the Israel Antiquities Authority after realizing that his beloved science was...
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Settler harassment of Palestinians in Hebron, 2007

Yifat Alkoby, a settler from the jewish settlement of Tel Rumeida in Hebron, is seen harassing women and girls from the neighboring Abu-'Ayesha family, who were forced to build a metal ca...