Background and Monitoring Recommendations for Provisions Concerning Human Rights
June 2003
Human Rights Violations As a Result of Israel's Separation Barrier
April 2003
The Israeli Law Enforcement Authorities Handling of Settler Attacks on Olive Harvesters
November 2002

No. 16

Use of Palestinian Civilians as Human Shields in Violation of the High Court of Justice Order December 2003
November 2002
The Use of Live Ammunition to Enforce Curfew
October 2002
Soldiers' Testimonies, Palestinian Testimonies
September 2002
Non-enforcement of the Law on Settlers: Hebron, 26-28 July 2002
August 2002
Israel's Settlement Policy in the West Bank
May 2002
Unjustified Gunfire and the IDF's Open-Fire Regulations during the al-Aqsa Intifada
March 2002
Impeding Medical Treatment and Firing at Ambulances by IDF Soldiers in the Occupied Territories
March 2002
House Demolition and Destruction of Agricultural Land in the Gaza Strip
February 2002