The Skunk is a foul-smelling liquid developed by the Israel Police for dispersing demonstrations. B’Tselem doesn't know its chemical makeup or the safety instructions regulating its use. According to the IDF spokesperson, the Skunk contains organic material and has been approved for use by the Israeli Ministry of the Environment and the Chief IDF Medical Officer. The Skunk is sprayed from specially designed trucks to a maximum range of 30-40 meters. Israel Police procedure stipulates that the Skunk must be used with care and that innocent bystanders must not be harmed. Exposure to the Skunk in the quantities ordinarily used at demonstrations does not pose health hazards, but can cause nausea and vomiting. Security forces often spray the liquid at homes and yards, making it very difficult to get rid of the persistent smell. These actions raise suspicions that the Skunk is being used punitively against villages where regular weekly demonstrations are held.

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