197 Palestinians and 50 Israelis killed in 2005

4 Jan 2006

Today B'Tselem releases summary data for 2005.



Palestinians killed
197, of them 54 children
Did not participate in fighting at time of death 118

Of these, 22 were targets of assassination, and 7 bystanders killed in assassinations

Killed while participating in fighting




Israelis killed
50, of them 6 children


Security force personnel


Since 29.09.2000

Palestinians killed
3,386, of them 676 children
Did not participate in fighting at time of death 1,815
Killed while participating in fighting 1,008

Unknown 563

Israelis killed
992, of them 118 children


Security force personnel


In addition, two foreign residents were killed this year by Palestinians.

Separation Barrier

The length of the barrier as approved by the Israeli Cabinet in February 2005 is some 681 kilometers. Of this, some 31% has been constructed; another 16.5 percent is under construction; 43% has been approved with construction pending; and the remaining 9.5% requires final approval. 490,500 Palestinians will be directly harmed by the Separation Barrier in its current route. This includes the 21 villages that will be separated from the rest of the West Bank; the communities that will be surrounded on at least three sides by the barrier, and the residents of East Jerusalem. The current route of the barrier will isolate 9.5% of the West Bank and connect it to Israel.

Freedom of Movement

The Israeli military currently maintains 27 permanent staffed checkpoints inside the West Bank. In addition, there are 26 checkpoints that are the last control point between the West Bank and Israel. There are another 12 checkpoints in the city of Hebron. In addition, there are today 16 additional checkpoints inside the West Bank that are staffed occasionally, and hundreds of physical obstacles. Palestinians are forbidden or restricted in their use of 41 sections of road, constituting approximately 700 kilometers, in the West Bank.

Administrative Detention

741 Palestinians are currently being held by the IDF in administrative detention. They have not been charged with a crime, and they do not know when they will be released.