Civil Administration demolishes homes of 14 people, confiscated tractors and other equipment in Palestinian communities

31 Oct 2016

This morning, Monday 31October 2016, Civil Administration forces arrived at the community of Khirbet a-Deir, located between the Palestinian village of Ein al-Beida and the Jordanian border. The forces demolished three dwellings and eight structures used as livestock pens, leaving 14 people, four of them minors, homeless.

In the community of a-Ras al-Ahmar, located east of the Palestinian town of Tammun, near which the settlements of Ro’i and Beka’ot were established, the authorities confiscated five tractors used by the community to haul water and feed for livestock. On 9 October 2016, the authorities demolished ten dwellings in the community leaving 24 people, five of them minors, homeless. On 25 October 2016, Civil Administration officials informed the community that on 1-2 November 2016, the military would be training near their homes and that they must evacuate.

Civil Administration forces also arrived at the community of Wadi al-Qatif (Satah al-Bahar), located near Road No. 1, between the settlement of Mitzpe Yeriho and the Palestinian village of a-Nabi Musa. The forces confiscated water tanks and portable toilets donated to the community.

These confiscations and demolitions are an element of a cruel policy implemented by Israel in an effort to expel Palestinian communities. In its demolition campaign, launched in early 2016, Israel has to date demolished 255 dwellings, and left 1,076 people homeless, including 557 minors.