The demolition of houses as punishment is a grave breach of international humanitarian law. It is a clear case of collective punishment, which violates the principle that a person is not to be punished for the acts of another.

August 6

The Civil Administration has issued orders to demolish most of the houses in the village of al-'Aqabah, which lies in the northern Jordan Valley, and many houses in other villages in the area. Israel's planning policy in the West Bank centers on preventing Palestinian construction and promoting expansion of settlements.

August 5

Violent confrontations between Hamas and Fatah have broken out again in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, involving reported violations of international law pertaining to human rights.

August 4

Last month, policemen arrested Tareq Abu Laban while he was out with friends in Tel Aviv. They assaulted him, put him in their car and drove around the city while beating him, and then released him. Abu Laban required medical attention.

July 24

Since Israel tightened the siege on Gaza, hundreds of Palestinians have been unable to attend their studies outside it. This denies individuals' right to education and impedes the development of Palestinian society as a whole.

July 24

Attacks aimed at civilians undermine all rules of morality and law.

July 22

The media report that yesterday, only after B'Tselem aired footage of a soldier shooting a bound Palestinian detainee, did the Military Police open an investigation into the incident.

July 21

B'Tselem is publishing a video clip documenting a soldier firing a rubber coated steel bullet, from extremely close range, at a cuffed and blindfolded Palestinian detainee. The shooting took place in the presence of a lieutenant colonel, who was holing the Palestinian's arm when the shot was fired.

July 20

The village of 'Arab a-Ramadin al-Janubi is a Separation Barrier enclave. Residents say the Civil Administration recently demanded they relocate, contradicting Israel's explicit commitment to the High Court.

July 14

The Jerusalem Municipality's gross neglect of East Jerusalem has led to the Dahiyat a-Salam neighborhood becoming a pirate garbage dump. The Municipality has not yet kept its promise to renovate the refuse site.

July 13

Four years after the Hague advisory opinion, the Separation Barrier has not been moved in any of the sections that were built and later nullified by the Israeli High Court of Justice.

July 9

The army recently severed the Palestinian village a-Nabi Samwil and its 220 residents from the rest of the West Bank, isolating it almost completely. The action is part of Israel's policy to separate Israeli and Palestinian traffic in the West Bank.

July 6

In late 2007, soldiers arrested Majed Jaradat after he threw stones at a demonstration. Jaradat told B'Tselem that soldiers beat and kicked him while he was detained, and a policeman beat him during a subsequent interrogation. He was then tried and held with adult prisoners for two months.

July 3

The demolition of houses as punishment is a grave breach of international humanitarian law. It is a clear case of collective punishment, which violates the principle that a person is not to be punished for the acts of another.

July 3

B'Tselem severely condemns the Palestinian terror attack today in the center of Jerusalem, in which three Israeli civilians were killed and dozens injured. Intentional killing of civilians is a grave breach of international humanitarian law and is considered a war crime that can never be justified, whatever the circumstances may be.

July 2

B'Tselem warns against a severe water shortage this summer in the West Bank and its effects on the economic conditions and health of tens of thousands of Palestinians. The chronic water shortage results in large part from Israel's discriminatory water policy.

July 1

B'Tselem and PCATI mark June 26, the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, with a new video. The right of every person not to be subjected to ill-treatment or torture (physical or mental) is one of the few human rights that are considered absolute. Therefore, it is forbidden to balance it against other rights and values, or suspend or restrict the right, even in the context of the struggle against terrorism.

June 26

On the evening of Friday, 20 June 2008, three settlers assaulted Palestinian shepherds near the Susiya settlement in the Southern Hebron Hills. Nasser a-Nawaj'ah, a B'Tselem fieldworker, filmed the assault and the failure of soldiers on the scene to protect the shepherds. Although filming the incident was lawful, one of the soldiers hit a-Nawaj'ah and stole the video cassette.

June 22

On 10 June 2008, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel petitioned the High Court of Justice to order the army to cancel its prohibition on West Bank Palestinians' access to the northern beaches of the Dead Sea, which lie inside the West Bank.

June 17

The Israeli police have arrested two settlers suspected of attacking Palestinians in Khirbet Susiya. On 8 June '08, four masked settlers with clubs severely beat three members of the a-Nawaj'ah family who were grazing their flock on private Palestinian land. A fourth member filmed part of the assault with a B'Tselem camera.

June 17