On 10 June 2008, The Association for Civil Rights in Israel petitioned the High Court of Justice to order the army to cancel its prohibition on West Bank Palestinians' access to the northern beaches of the Dead Sea, which lie inside the West Bank.

June 17

Human rights organizations have petitioned the High Court of Justice to allow Gaza Strip residents to visit their relatives being held in prisons and in detention in Israel. The prohibition on visits, which has been in effect for the past year, infringes the fundamental right of relatives and prisoners to family life and breaches Israeli and international law.

June 16

On 8 June '08, four masked settlers clubbed three of members of the Nawaj'ah family, who were grazing their flock on private Palestinian lands south of the Susiya settlement. The victims suffered severe bruises and bleeding and required hospitalization. The family captured the beginning of the attack with a video camera handed out by B'Tselem's Camera distribution project.

June 15

Settlers tried to prevent residents of 'Asira al-Qibliya from putting out a fire in their fields. B'Tselem wrote to the police and the army demanding that they investigate the suspicion of arson and attacks perpetrated by soldiers and settlers throughout the incident.

June 12

In February 2008, Fawziyeh a-Dark suffered a heart attack and died after soldiers prevented her passage to hospital. Now, her husband gives B'Tselem a video testimony of the events leading up to her death.

June 11

B'Tselem severely condemns the Palestinian mortar fire today (5.6.08) on Kibbutz Nir Oz, in the south of Israel, which killed an Israeli civilian and wounded four others.

June 5

In a letter to the head of the Israel Security Agency B'Tselem protested the summoning of Salah Haj Yihya, head of medical clinics of Physicians for Human Rights, for questioning by the ISA.

June 5

Five Palestinian landowners and human rights organizations Yesh Din and B'Tselem claim in first petition of its kind: Ofra is an illegal outpost built mostly on private land.

June 4

Israel refuses to provide a solution for residents of the West Bank and Gaza Strip whose parents did not register them in the population registry at birth. Living without ID cards, these persons are often barred from realizing basic rights such as the right to work, to education, to family life, and more.

May 29

Yuval Salomon from Kibbut Or Haner describes the fear and uncertainty of life near the Gaza Strip.

May 29

B'Tselem wrote to the Justice Ministry to protest its response to the World Bank's report on the effects on the Palestinian economy resulting from Israel's restrictions on movement in the West Bank. The response included distorted and misleading data regarding several issues, including roads forbidden to Palestinians and planning and building in Area C.

May 28

Nufuz al-Husni 44, a mother of six, suffers from intestinal cancer, for which she had been treated in Israel. In February 2008, she sought to return to Ichilov Hospital, in Tel Aviv, for treatment, but Israeli officials have not allowed her to enter the country.

May 27

Since the end of the Second Lebanon War, 33 civilians have been killed and hundreds wounded by cluster bombs. Israel's responsibility for these casualties and lessons from the past require Israel to play a significant role in drafting international convention

May 18

The health situation in the Gaza Strip has been steadily deteriorating since Israel tightened its siege on the area in June 2007. The closure of all entrances and exits from Gaza has barred patients from receiving treatments unavailable within Gaza and has caused a grave dearth of medical supplies.

May 15

In light of the recent escalation in violence around the Gaza Strip, including a Grad rocket strike on a mall in the Israeli city of Ashkelon, the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem has repeated its demand that all parties protect civilians from the fighting.

May 15

Ya'akov and Lilach Swisa, a disabled couple, struggle with unemployment and accessibility problems to raise their children under the threat of rocket fire in Sderot.

May 14

B'Tselem strongly condemns the Qassam rocket fire at the Israeli community of Yesha in the south of Israel, which killed an Israeli civilian. Attacks aimed at civilians are immoral, inhuman, and illegal.

May 13

Following a letter from B'Tselem, the Military Police has opened an investigation into an incident that took place on 14 March, in which an army officer fired a rubber-coated steel bullet at a demonstrator in the village of Bil'in, wounding him.

May 13

Samira a-Daghmeh, 13, told B'Tselem that soldiers blew up the door to the family's home in the Gaza Strip while her mother and siblings were inside, killing her mother. Soldiers stayed in the home for several hours without evacuating her to a hospital, and then exited the house, leaving her body with her children.

May 13

B'Tselem severely condemns the Palestinian mortar fire on Kibutz Kfar 'Aza, in the south of Israel, which yesterday (9 May 08) killed an Israeli civilian and wounded others. Attacks aimed at civilians are immoral, inhuman, and illegal.

May 10