B'Tselem demands that Israel immediately open an independent, non-military investigation into the circumstances of the military takeover of the ships, during which dozens of activists were killed or injured.

May 31

The army has classified the area along Gaza's border with Israel a no-go zone, where anybody entering may be shot. This policy endangers the many farmers who work land there and harms the livelihood of tens of thousands of persons. It has already resulted in the killing and injury of persons who entered the zone, although they endangered nobody.

May 30

On 21 April '10, Israel deported Ahmad Sabah from the West Bank to the Gaza Strip after he completed a 9-year prison sentence. His wife and 9-year-old son did not get to see him. Sabah, who has no family in Gaza, awaits permission to return to his family.

May 30

Following Yesh Din and B'Tselem's complaint, an indictment for negligent manslaughter was filed on 25 May ‘10 against the border police officer who shot 10 year old Ahmed Musa in the West Bank village of Ni'lin in July 2008.

May 26

B'Tselem strongly condemns the execution on Tuesday, 18 May, of three Palestinians convicted of serious criminal offences, including murder and rape, by the Hamas government in Gaza. The death penalty is immoral and violates the basic right to life of every human being. B’Tselem holds that under no circumstance must it be imposed.

May 20

Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations issued a joint statement today calling on Israel to stop its illegal policy of deporting Palestinians from the West Bank to Gaza. The policy has escalated, as evident from an order effective April 13, defining anyone present in the West Bank without an Israeli permit as an "infiltrator".

May 13

The High Court of Justice recently approved part of the Separation Barrier's route in the Jerusalem area. The route will separate Sheikh Sa’ed from its parent village, Jabel Mukaber, where its residents receive many of their services, and will result in grave infringement of the villagers' human rights.

May 5

On 25 April '10, the State Attorney's Office informed the High Court of Justice that the state is considering approval of the Derekh Ha'avot outpost, established in 2001 near the Elazar settlement in the Etzion Bloc. Residents of al-Khader claim that the outpost was established on farmland belonging to them. The state’s position sanctions looting of land and the ongoing and cumulative building violations in this outpost and in all the other settlements.

May 5

On 26 Feb. '10, during a joint protest by Palestinians and Israelis in 'Asira al-Qibliya, Nablus District, a settler fired at the demonstrators although they posed no danger to him. Soldiers who were present did nothing to stop the firing or arrest him.

April 29

According to the testimony of Nancy Hamdiya, on 3 March '10, soldiers came at night to her home in al-Yamun, Jenin District and took her outside with her four small children, including a 5-day-old baby, and her husband. The soldiers kept them in the bitter cold for three hours and searched their house, destroying property.

April 29

A Palestinian youth, Ahmad Sliman Salem Dib, 19, died on 28 April after Israeli security forces shot him near the border fence with the Gaza Strip, while he was participating in a demonstration against Israel’s prohibition on Palestinians entering broad areas near the fence.

April 28

The order may be used against Gazans living for years in the West Bank while Israel has refused to update their address, and against foreign citizens married to West Bank residents whom Israel has denied family unification.

April 22

Yesterday Israel forcibly transferred Ahmad Sayeed Sabah to Gaza with no judicial review. Sabah has resided in the West Bank for the past 15 years and his now separated from his wife and child. The move comes after official promises not to deport anyone from the West Bank to Gaza.

April 22

B'Tselem strongly condemns the execution today of two Palestinians convicted of collaboration with Israel, by the Hamas government in Gaza. The death penalty is immoral and violates the basic right to life of every human being. B'Tselem holds that under no circumstance must it be imposed.

April 15

The details exposed in Blau's article raise the suspicion that soldiers were given unlawful orders to kill suspects even in non-life-threatening situations and when arrest was possible. However, none of those involved have been questioned and the senior officers who gave the orders remain in their positions.

April 14

The sweeping order defines all the Bil'in and Ni'lin village lands a closed military area every Friday, raising suspicion that its purpose is to prevent the demonstrations themselves, and not only unlawful actions carried out during them.

April 14

Following the removal of the gag order imposed in Israel on the publication of details about the charges against Israeli Journalist Anat Kamm, B'Tselem wishes to reiterate that the case hinges on documents that raise grave suspicions that the Israeli military conducted assassination operations in the West Bank, under the guise of arrest operations. This, in contrast to official Israeli statements, and in violation of an Israeli High Court ruling.

April 8

On 20 March '10, soldiers killed two youths in 'Iraq Burin. Demonstrations had taken place in the village that day. B'Tselem's findings contradict the army's statement that the soldiers had shot only "rubber" bullets. In a rare step, the Military Police will investigate the incident

March 28

The discriminatory division of the shared water resources infringes the Palestinians' right to water, to sanitation, and to health. Israel's policy also infringes the Palestinians' right to gain a livelihood, in that the water shortage prevents development of agriculture, one of the most important economic sectors in the West Bank.

March 24

On 10 February 2010, soldiers shot Muhammad Subuh, 17, near the Gaza-Israel border, wounding him. Testimonies given to B'Tselem indicate that, while Subuh was gathering firewood, soldiers opened fire without warning and while their lives were not in danger. The shooting is consistent with previous reports of the existence of "death zones" that the army has established adjacent to the border.

March 23