On 12 Feb. '09, Adham Ghaneimat, 14, went with two other youths to his family's orchard. Two settlers who came there beat him and then forced him to run before them as they drove to a settlement nearby, hitting him in the feet on the way.

March 5

According to a testimony given to B'Tselem, on 28 Jan. '09, soldiers attacked Sharif Abu Hayah while he was herding his flock, beat him severely, and dragged him over rocks and thorns with his hands tied and his eyes covered.

March 5

On 3 March, 10 human rights organizations in Israel called on defense officials to lift the travel ban on Shawan Jabarin, who has been barred exit from the West Bank since 2006, when he became director of al-Haq, a Palestinian human rights organization.

March 4

B'Tselem has petitioned the High Court of Justice to require Israel to permit staff members of the organization to enter the Gaza Strip to investigate the human rights and humanitarian situation in the area following the hostilities.

March 2

In recent weeks, the army has once again begun using Ruger rifles to disperse demonstrators, although such use of this lethal weapon has been prohibited. As a result, many Palestinians and at last one foreign national have been injured.

March 1

Protocols of a Civil Administration committee reveal plans for substantial expansion of settlements. For some settlements, the committee approved the construction of sewage-treatment facilities intended to meet the needs of a much larger population than presently lives there, indicating the existence of expansion plans.

February 27

On 21 June '09, taxi driver Mustafa Shuli waited for an hour with passengers at a checkpoint near Nablus. According to his testimony, soldiers made him return to the end of the line and when he objected, they beat him and aimed weapons at the taxi.

February 26

On 15 Jan. '09, teenagers Muaiad, Islam, and Lu'ai Hun crossed the road to the Elon Moreh settlement on their way to gather firewood for their family. According to testimonies, soldiers who saw them arrested and abused them.

February 25

Israel continues to obstruct independent investigations into allegations of laws of war violations by the Israel and Hamas by preventing Human Rights Watch and B'Tselem researchers from entering Gaza.

February 22

Pensioner 'Izzat Kasab told B'Tselem that on 7 Jan. soldiers took over his home, beat family members and arrested him along with three sons. Kasab, who has a heart condition, said he was held for over a week under harsh conditions, without his medication.

February 19

On 12 Jan. '09, Border policemen came to the a-Ragabi family's house in Silwan. According to a testimony given to B'Tselem, they broke the door to the house and attacked two members of the family.

February 16

On 4 Jan. '09, the entire al-Kafarneh family was injured when their house was shelled, in Beit Hanun. 3-year-old Wiam died of shrapnel wounds the next day. After the family left the house, the army demolished it.

February 15

On 17 January 2009, Majed al-Hajahjeh went to the main road next to Tuqu', Bethlehem District, to go by taxi to meet with shopkeepers in Beit Fajer. According to his testimony, an army jeep passing along the road stopped and soldiers got out and beat him severely with clubs, leaving him lying, injured and bleeding, on the road.

February 11

B'Tselem issued a position paper detailing the guidelines of the necessary Israeli investigation of its conduct during the operation in Gaza. B'Tselem's initial survey of the military operation calls into question Israeli statements that the military acted according to International Humanitarian Law and that responsibility for the harm to the civilian population rests exclusively with Hamas.

February 8

B'Tselem's annual report, published today (5 Feb.), surveys a wide range of Israeli human rights violations in the OPT in 2008, until Operation Cast Lead. As house demolition and lack of law enforcement on violent settlers continued, Israel largely refrained from holding members of the security forces accountable for their actions.

February 5

On 10 January 2009, settlers attacked Tareq Sawan and his father, residents of Immatin, Qalqiliya District, while they were working their land. Soldiers who came to the scene detained Tareq, and not his assailants.

February 4

25 members of the a-Shteiwi family, 12 of them children, were besieged in their home with shelling going on outside for over a week. When they were evacuated, the army demolished the house.

February 2

On 11 Jan. '09 two border policemen drove up to a carpentry shop in Tsur Hadassah while Muhammad Hamamrah and Maher Mahmoud, residents of Husan, Bethlehem District, were unloading wood from the vehicle of the shop's owner. They beat the two Palestinians and then took them to a checkpoint, where soldiers detained them for hours in the cold, without giving them shelter.

February 2

On 12 Jan. '09, soldiers called residents of the Khuza'a neighborhood, in the Gaza Strip, to leave their homes. When Rawhiya a-Najar stepped out of her house waving a white flag, soldiers shot her and then a young woman who tried to help her. A-Najar remained on the ground and bled to death.

February 1

On 20 Jan., Mahmoud 'Awwad reached Huwara checkpoint on his way to work and saw soldiers beating his brother. Testimonies indicate that when he addressed the soldiers, a soldier hit him on the head with a rifle butt. 'Awwad collapsed, his head bleeding. He has undergone surgery for his fractured skull and according to doctors, may have suffered brain damage.

January 28