B'Tselem in the media

21 May 2014

But the human rights organisation B'tselem, said it had obtained medical opinion on the entry and exit wounds confirming they were consistent with live fire rounds, and could not have been caused by rubber-coated metal bullets, especially when fired at long range as in this case. B'tselem commented "The army's open fire regulations clearely stipulate that live ammunition should not be used against stone-throwers, except in cases of immediate mortal danger. "Security camera footage of the incident proves that at no stage were security forces endangered by any of the four victims, or by anyone close to them at the time of the shooting."

20 May 2014

An Israeli human rights group, B'Tselem, said the video supported the findings of its own investigation, based on witness accounts and medical records, which indicated that the Israeli troops had used live ammunition "in conditions where there was no feasible justification". Spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli said the troops had been "in zero danger".

20 May 2014

An Israeli rights group says Israeli troops fired live bullets without justification during a West Bank clash last week, killing two Palestinian teenagers. B'Tselem said on Tuesday that its assertions are based on witness accounts and medical records. The group's spokeswoman, Sarit Michaeli, says security camera footage of the incident that surfaced late Monday supports the group's findings.

15 Apr 2014

The Israeli rights group B’Tselem said Palestinians have killed 17 Israeli civilians in the West Bank since 2009, not counting Monday’s fatality. The group “strongly condemned” the shooting, adding that “attacks against civilians within Israel’s borders are no different from attacks against settlers living in the West Bank.”

“The argument that there is justification for killing settlers as part of the struggle against Israeli occupation is both legally and morally groundless,” it said, adding that all civilians must be protected.

8 Apr 2014

Op-Ed by B'Tselem Executive Director Jessica Montell
All Palestinians — including those living in Area A under the nominal control of the Palestinian Authority — are subject to the jurisdiction of the Israeli military. Some 300,000 Israelis live in this territory as well (not counting the 200,000 Israelis in the territory annexed to the city of Jerusalem). Though they also live in territory governed by military law, settlers enjoy all the rights of the Israeli democracy, as well as additional financial benefits intended to encourage Israelis to live there. The result is that two different and discriminatory legal systems operate in the same territory, with a person’s rights and benefits determined by his or her national origin.

6 Apr 2014

Israeli security forces shot and injured Mohammed Basman Yasin, a volunteer cameraman for the Israeli human rights organization B'tselem, while he was filming a protest in the West Bank city of Beitunia, according to Israeli website +972.

1 Apr 2014

Forensic Architecture employs cutting-edge visualization technologies such as 3-D scans and ground-penetrating radar alongside novel techniques for interpreting geo-spatial data—such as high-resolution aerial photography and civilian journalism—to construct previously nonexistent pieces of evidence and use them to weigh on political decisions. Its collaborators have included civil society organizations, activists, human rights groups, and the United Nations.
In 2009 a tear gas grenade killed Bassem Ibrahim Abu Rahma, a protestor in the Palestinian village of Bil’in. Researchers Eyal Weizman and Susan Schuppli, along with Situ Studio, showed that it was improbable that Abu Rahma was killed by indirect fire, as the Israeli Defense Forces claimed. Collaborators in this project were the noted lawyer Michael Sfard and the human rights group B’Tselem.

27 Mar 2014

Ahmed Awad has petitioned the High Court of Justice to force the army to finish its inquiry into the shooting death of his son Samir, 16, on January 15, 2013 by the security barrier near the West Bank village of Budrus. He has filed his suit together with the Israeli nongovernmental group B’Tselem, who has worked to highlight Awad’s case. They are represented in their suit by Gabi Lasky. “This is not a petition on the substance but on the procedural issue of needing a response,” said B’Tslem spokeswoman Sarit Michaeli. Completing an investigation promptly within a reasonable period of time is an obligation, it's not some kind of favor, she said.

26 Mar 2014

"The primary responsibility for the killing lies with the commanders who sent the soldiers out on armed ambush," B'Tselem director Jessica Montell said in a statement that urged the military police to consider whether the commanders should "bear personal criminal responsibility" for Shawamreh's death.

23 Mar 2014

"Palestinian communities are denied basic services from the municipality as severe restrictions on growth and development are imposed on them," Sarit Micheaeli, director of the Israeli human rights organisation B'Tselem, told Al Jazeera. "Meanwhile, Israeli communities - or settlements in East Jerusalem - get full support from the government." "It's disingenuous to say it's a law enforcement issue when you don't allow people the option to build legally. You are pushing them into building illegally and then, of course, washing your hands of the whole affair… Self-demolitions are just one of the many tricks used by Israel to maintain demographic majority in Jerusalem throughout its occupation."