Human shields

The "Neighbor Procedure"

1 Jan 2011

After the state filed its response, the IDF continued to use Palestinian civilians to order other Palestinians to leave their houses to be arrested. This practice, the "neighbor procedure," led to the death of a Palestinian man: on 14 August, soldiers sent Nidal Abu Mukhsan, a nineteen-year-old resident of Tubas, to the house of Nasser Jarar, a Hamas activist, and ordered him to get Jarar to leave his house. When Abu Mukhsan approached the house, Jarar, apparently thinking that the person coming toward him was a soldier, shot Abu Mukhsan.

Even after Mukhsan's death, the IDF did not prohibit use of the "neighbor procedure," so the seven human rights organizations went back to court, on 18 August, and demanded that a temporary injunction be issued forbidding the IDF's use of the procedure. The High Court granted the application, and the temporary injunction remains in effect.

Testimonies given to B'Tselem indicate that IDF soldiers have continued to use the "neighbor procedure." Following the numerous instances in which the IDF violated the court order, the human rights organizations filed a contempt of court application with the court, and requested the court to impose a fine on the state and order the state to pay punitive sums for violation of the temporary injunction.