27 Aug. 11: International online vote on a logo for human rights

27 Aug 2011

B'Tselem is pleased to take part in the Logo for Human Rights initiative. Nearly everybody knows that a heart symbolizes love and a dove means peace. But what is the symbol for human rights? The answer is that there is none. There are 6.8 billion people living on this planet. All of them have human rights – and yet we still have no way of overcoming language barriers to communicate this universal bond symbolically. The “Logo for Human Rights” initiative aims to fill this gap and make a peaceful contribution to strengthening human rights.

15,375 logo suggestions from over 190 countries – that is the result of the submission phase of the global online competition “A Logo for Human Rights.” Since the initiative started on 3 May, people from all over the world have participated in the logo competition, the largest of its kind so far. They sent in suggestions and rated the ideas of others.

The 10 finalists chosen by the jury are now online and the voting to choose the best one has started. From 27 August to 17 September 2011, people can vote for their favourites at www.humanrightslogo.net. All people worldwide are encouraged to participate by choosing their favourite logo. This would put the original idea of the competition into practice: the creation of a human rights logo by the people for the people.

The winning logo will be presented on 23 September 2011 in New York alongside the meet¬ing of the United Nations General Assembly. The presentation will be broadcast worldwide via internet.

Further information and to take part: www.humanrightslogo.net.