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Statistics on checkpoints and roadblocks

Statistics on checkpoints and roadblocks

Internal checkpoints

The IDF currently operates 27 permanent staffed checkpoints in the West Bank. At these checkpoints, which constitute the most severe restriction on movement of Palestinians, Israel' security forces check every person who crosses, resulting in frequent lengthy delays.

Checkpoints along the Green Line

The IDF operates 26 checkpoints that are the last checkpoint between the West Bank and the sovereign territory of the State of Israel. Some of these checkpoints are situated on the Green Line, and some are gates in the separation fence. The Green Line checkpoints are permanent and staffed. The checkpoints that are located in the West Bank and are not the last checkpoint a traveler must pass before entering Israel are included in the previous category.

Temporarily-manned checkpoints

The IDF operates 16 such checkpoints, which are generally open for Palestinians to cross without being checked. Sometimes security forces are present, and some have a watchtower.

Internal checkpoints in Hebron

There are 12 checkpoints in Hebron at places where there is friction between settlers and Palestinians. These checkpoints are permanently staffed, and persons who cross are checked.

Physical roadblocks

The IDF has also placed hundreds of physical obstacles in the West Bank in the form of concrete blocks, piles or dirt, or trenches, which prevent access to and from towns and villages.

Forbidden Roads

Palestinian travel is restricted or entirely prohibited on 41 roads and sections of roads throughout the West Bank, including many of the main traffic arteries, covering a total of over 700 kilometers of roadway. Israelis can travel freely on these roads.

The figures are updated to 25 September 2005.