Stills from the footage of the Ni'lin shooting incident in July 2008.
Stills from the footage of the Ni'lin shooting incident in July 2008.
B'Tselem proud of its activities and completely transparent
In response to the Knesset's decision to establish a parliamentary committee "to examine the activities of Israeli organizations involved with the collection of information about soldiers and follow their funding sources", B'Tselem says: we are proud of our work to promote human rights in the Occupied Territories, which is conducted legally and with complete transparency.

Ni'lin sentencing: army must internalize gravity of incident
In response to the sentence given on 27 Jan. '11 in the Ni'lin affair, B'Tselem reiterated that the military justice system ignores much more severe cases, thus enabling such incidents to occur, and expressed hope that the army will internalize the court's severe criticism of the incident.

Two years since Cast Lead: investigation vital
B'Tselem yet again calls on Israel to conduct an independent and effective investigation into the serious suspicions of violations of human rights and of international law it committed during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

Personal angle: One man's voice
Muhammad Dababseh from Hebron was arrested while working illegally in Israel and was severely beaten. The trauma caused him to lose his voice, and all hope of recovering it - until an Israeli speech therapist stepped in.

From where I stand
In a personal op-ed on a leading Israeli news site, a data coordinator at B'Tselem responds to the delegitimization attack on human rights organizations.