Van transporting Palestinian laborers that was allegedly torched by soldiers. Photo: Yoav Gross, B'Tselem.
Van transporting Palestinian laborers that was allegedly torched by soldiers. Photo: Yoav Gross, B'Tselem.
Israel must implement Goldstone report
As part of the debate surrounding the UN fact-finding mission headed by Richard Goldstone, B'Tselem continues to urge Israel to open credible, independent investigations into the hundreds of allegations of military misconduct in Operation Cast Lead. In a Huffington Post article, B'Tselem Executive Director Jessica Montell stresses that Israel can continue to shoot the messenger and bury its head in the sand, or it can initiate a genuine process of truth-telling and taking responsibility.

Soldiers suspected of abusing Palestinian laborers
Following testimonies given to B'Tselem, the Military Police is investigating several cases of alleged severe abuse of laborers, who were caught by soldiers trying to enter Israel through a gap in the Separation Barrier.

Policy of detention without trial is illegal
According to a new report by B'Tselem and HaMoked, Israel is holding 335 Palestinians in lengthy administrative detention and another nine Gazans under the Internment of Unlawful Combatants Law. The organizations call on Israel to release the administrative detainees or prosecute them in accord with due process.

Officers suspended on suspicion they vandalized Palestinians' cars
Following B'Tselem's documentation, the army has suspended two officers and opened a military police investigation into vandalization of vehicles used to transport laborers in the southern Hebron hills.

Re-open investigation of Susiya assault
B'Tselem has appealed the decision to close the investigation into the assault of Palestinian shepherds near the Susiya settlement in June '08, which was filmed on B'Tselem's cameras. The investigation was closed in June '09 on grounds of 'offender unknown.'

Testimony: Settlers assault Palestinian in Hebron
According to a testimony given to B'Tselem by Nizam al-'Azazmeh, on 1 Aug. '09, settlers assaulted him on his way home, beating him severely. When police arrived, they fled. According to al-'Azazmeh, the police did not give him first-aid or chase the assailants.