Waiting at the Egyptian side of the Rafah Crossing. Photo: Reuters.
Waiting at the Egyptian side of the Rafah Crossing. Photo: Reuters.
Joint call by human rights groups to open the Rafah border crossing
The groups call on Israel, the Palestinian Authority, the European Union, and Egypt, to immediately open Gaza 's borders to passenger traffic, irrespective of their political agenda concerning Hamas.

Accident victim dies after police detain ambulance, June 2007
On 29 June 2007, Radi al-Wahsh was seriously injured in an accident in the village of Za'tara, Bethlehem District. An Israeli ambulance evacuated the victim and was on its way to Hospital in Jerusalem, when policemen at the checkpoint south of the city refused him entry on security grounds. He died at the checkpoint.

Military breaches promise and closes gate to 'Azzun 'Atmah at night
The village of 'Azzun 'Atmah is cut off from the rest of the West Bank by the Separation Barrier. The gate is open only part of the day. Following a death of a young man, injured in an accdent, who's evacuation to hospital was delayed by the soldiers at the gate, the Army announced that the gate would remain open around the clock. However, B'Tselem reserach shows that the promise hasn't been kept.

Detention of senior Palestinian officials - wrongful infringement of basic rights
Dozezs of Palestinians holding senior positions in the Palestinian Authority are being held in detention by Israel. The timing of the arrests raises the suspicion that the action was taken to put pressure on the Palestinian population and its leadership.